Who We Are



Hi! I’m Hannah.

I’m a Photographer, Videographer, Day of Coordinator and a Fiancee!  I definitely have a unique point of view when doing weddings, because I am planning my own. 

I like Gilmore Girls and Friends. I obsess over dogs and weddings. I obsess over dogs AT weddings. I love Jesus and Eminem. I love country music and classical. I like vibrant colors and making people laugh.

I’m kind of a dork and I talk a lot. I have a pretty incredible team that works with me (including my fiancee!) and that’s how we create the beauty you see here! Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Tampa Wedding Photographer + Videographer - The Picture of Love

The Client Experience . . .



1. What We Do

Photography and Videography are just the start. We also do day of coordination! Being your photo and video team only makes sense that we would coordinate your day too! Our whole goal is to make things as stress free as possible and not to overwhelm you. You’ve been thrown so much info as is with the whole planning process. You can finally take a breath knowing we’ve got your back!

2. What You Do

Book us! Haha, just kidding. You just show up and be in love. Leave the rest to my team and I! We will talk about all of the options and your desires on our call. 

3. What You Get

More than just someone to show up and snap some photos. I’m your cheerleader, your coordinator, your tear wiper, dress bustler, cake cutter (I’ve done it before I’ll do it again!), chaos reducer, party starter, detail handler, picture taker and magic maker. I’m pretty awesome. You should probably hire me! I already know we will be best friends.

Contact Us


No wedding is the same, just as no two couples are the same. So why should our packages be the same for everyone? Let’s talk and work out a price based on YOU. 

Head on over to the contact page and send us message. 

We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you!