Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! We are a legal LLC. Our county does not require a business license, so we have all the permitting we need. We also carry equipment insurance and up to $1,000,000 liability insurance. We can add your venue as additionally insured upon request!

What about lighting? Do you bring their own or do you use what is set up by the venue?

We ALWAYS bring our own lighting. For photo or video. We are quite literally obsessed with lighting. An integral part of our photographic style is the off-camera lighting that we use. We always bring the lighting we need, plus extra in case one breaks. (There’s always that one drunk cousin who accidentally knocks over a light stand haha!) PS we always have enough batteries to light up a whole city. Not really. Well maybe..

How do you prepare for the day? How do you find out what is important to us?

First and foremost, I do a phone call consult with you. In this call I let you tell me all about your wedding.  I get to know you and what makes you unique. We also talk about what will happen during the wedding and what your priorities are. I give suggestions based on my experience and give you a rough idea of what your wedding timeline will look like with all of the activities you have planned. Then of course, we have our engagement session! This time is so important to help us get comfortable with each other! You can tell me about all your crazy relatives and we can bond over mutual distaste for Justin Bieber. Then, a few months before your wedding, I’ll send you a questionnaire. This goes in depth about the specifics of your wedding and helps me create a very detailed timeline and shot list. I coordinate your whole day and I want to make sure it’s perfect and exactly what you want. This day isn’t about anyone except you and it’s my job to make sure the timeline of the day goes smoothly, and no photo is left behind.

How long have you been doing this? How many weddings have you captured?

I have been doing weddings professionally for about 3 years now. However, I have really been photographing for about 11 years. It has always been a passionate hobby of mine, but I decided to make it my career those 3 years ago. I have shot over 100+ weddings!

How can I be sure you will not lose my photos before you deliver them?

On your wedding day I shoot with 2 cameras. If something were to happen to the first one (knock on wood!!), I have a second camera I can pick right back up and keep shooting. Each camera I shoot with has 2 memory card slots. Every time I take a photo, it automatically copies onto both cards. So essentially, I instantly have a backup source for all your photos. When I get home from your wedding, before I call it a night, I back up all of your photos onto 3 hard drives. Within hours of your wedding being completed, your photos are backed up in 5 places! Better safe than sorry is my motto.

How do you deliver the photos/video?

Your photos will be delivered both via online gallery with download pin and also on a USB. Video will be delivered via a downloadable vimeo link as well. If you purchased video as an add on to photo, it will also be sent on the same USB.

Did we just become best friends?