The Client Experience

When you choose us as your photographer, you become a part of our journey. We don’t just photograph you and say goodbye. 

Our experience is unique, special and rewarding.

Wardrobe Styling

We will help you pick flattering, beautiful outfits for the whole family. We style you personally so that your photos are 100% reflective of our style that you love. We will help you pick a palette designed to compliment the location you choose from our client exclusive list.

Funny Prompts & Natural Laughs

RELAX! Our session will not be stuffy and uncomfortable! You will be told corny jokes and given silly prompts to ensure that we capture natural & authentic smiles.

Image Reveal

Hannah will come to your home and reveal your handcrafted images on the big screen, so you can see what they look like in your home. She will guide you through creating your wall art to tell your story through your home. She will create an heirloom album that you can pass down to your children’s children. All of this is for your convenience, and part of the luxurious experience.

Finished Product

When you follow our style guide and suggestions, you end up with beautiful hand crafted images that compliment your location & become art pieces for your walls that you pass down for generations.